VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine with sand, construction of gravel roads excellent for the appropriate use. Its wide range of uses, performance has reached international leading level, is at present the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine, especially in the production of abrasive, refractory material, cement, quartz sand, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate a variety of hard and brittle materials finely and crushing is a kind of high efficient, energy-saving gravel sand blasting equipment, energy-saving of 50 percent more than the traditional sand making machine is the world's advanced sand blasting equipment.

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VSI Sand Making Machine Working Principle

Materials fall into the sand making machine into the hopper and the central feeding hole into the high-speed rotating wheel thrown in the left wheel was rapidly accelerated, the acceleration up to several times the acceleration of gravity and high-speed from the left wheel thrown, first with the rebound after free falling another part material impact and impact to the material lining layer (stone dozen stone) or counter block (plst), was a rebound oblique upward shocks to the top of the vortex chamber and change its direction of motion, is deflected downward movement and with material emitted from the impeller of the impact the formation of a continuous material curtain. In this way, a piece of material is subjected to a two - to - more chance of impact, friction, and crushing in the vortex chamber. The crushed material is discharged from the bottom of the discharging port.

Development Of VSI Sand Making Machine

Using sand machine equipment, we are most concerned about the production process of sand production equipment problems, we are more concerned about our system of sand or sand machine operation of our equipment stability, and the only way we can say, we develop well, our economy will be better able to develop, but also to achieve our goal. VSI sand machine is the development of mining equipment is very important, especially in the use of the process, we need to develop our equipment, we have a certain understanding of the operation of the user, and for the development of equipment, we need to have a few points, I hope we can do as our requirements, and ultimately make our more perfect sand machine equipment development, and ultimately achieve our goal to achieve our user goals.

With the development of technology, sand production equipment has entered into the new stage, the new stage of the sand making machine, after multistage crushing, grinding and reducing the total amount of grinding and grinding. Sand machine equipment operation, we need to do a lot of work, to ensure our stability, special equipment is the time for us to use, we need to check each phase, so as to ensure the operation of the entire production line. And before we use the equipment for cleaning, inspection is also very important, so we must do this work.

Features Of VSI Sand Making Machine

  • 1. VSI series efficient shaft impact type system sand machine is developed in the nineties of the new medium and fine crushing equipment, is currently the world widely used in alternative cone crushing machine, roller mill, ball mill models.
  • 2. novel structure, unique, smooth operation, simple structure, operation and maintenance, easy installation, low cost.
  • 3. small energy consumption, high yield, high crushing ratio, has finely, coarse grinding function.
  • 4. small equipment, simple operation, easy installation and maintenance. High efficiency, energy saving, high crushing efficiency. Handling capacity of large, high output -----50-500 tons / hour, compared with the same power under sand production equipment, production increased by 35%. And performance is relatively stable.
  • 5. has the function of plastic, the product is cubic shape, bulk density, through the non crushing material ability, the material moisture influence is small, the water content can reach 8%, the finished product is good, and with reasonable, especially using and mechanism sand and stone plastic. After a lot of customers use the same power equipment to prove more than the same sand, the overall effect of plastic surgery 30%.
  • 6. production process, the formation of stone to protect the bottom, the body is no wear, durable, can be broken in the hard, hard material (such as corundum, sintered aluminum vanadium soil, etc.).
  • 7. a few easy wear parts with special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, easy to replace accessories, products are cube, iron pollution is small, easy to wear low - the most ideal impact crusher, impact angle, the most reasonable material impact speed design and wear less, than the traditional equipment running cost 30%, reduce the impact of the use of sand machine, greatly improved the profit rate of the machine.
  • 8. light weight, installation mode, portable installation, etc.

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